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Having a friend or loved one in recovery or who needs help can be exhausting and difficult. can help connect you to other people whose lives have been touched by addiction or despair.

If you have a friend or loved one who needs or is seeking help, create a profile and you will have access to a recovery support network of your own.

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Your life experience can be valuable to someone else!

It's free to take calls - You can help by being good listener.

It's not only FREE to take calls but you earn minutes for taking calls which then can be gifted to anyone.

You are always anonymous on

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No credit card required

Reach out with Gift Minutes

Gift Minutes are your way to reach out to someone who may benefit from

Minutes purchased are transferable to members or nonmembers.

The person you gift does not need a membership.

You can even send your gift anonymously to a nonmember. We'll notfiy you when they redeem your gift.

Help a friend or family member with your gift.

Give a gift membership here ... is anonymous. is a person-to-person community where people share their experiences over the phone anonymously 24 hours a day. was founded by a web developer and recovering substance abuser who was inspired by the connections he made with other extraordinary people in the recovery process.

Combining inspiration and expertise, was founded to connect and support a large community of people in recovery.

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Privacy is the basis of is based on anonymity.

You do not need to provide your real name.

Our phone system connects people with two separate phone calls that are then conferenced. This way neither party can call the other back with *69 because they'll get our switchboard!

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Questions about is not a substitute for treatment or post-treatment programs, 12-step meetings, counseling, or other support groups.

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Recovery Buddy



  • Anonymous phone-based social networking
  • Private messaging
  • People helping people


  • To give hope and alleviate loneliness in a safe place

where & when

  • Anywhere you can take your phone
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Your life experience is valuable.

Make a friend. Be a friend. Anonymously.

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